Monday, May 24, 2010

Inspection and Possible Split - May 24, 2010

Today I will be removing feeders from three of the hives, determining if any need additional super, and placing honey supers on the hives that currently don't have one. Also, checking for moths and hive beetles as we've been having rain for the past two weeks.

One hive may be ready to swarm and we will be checking for swarm cells and possibly splitting this hive today. Removing the queen, take a frame of open brood - nurse bees stay with her, frame of honey, a couple of open frames, and frame with pollen. Don't need a whole lot of bees to take with her. Move the queen and new box away from parent hive. For the new hive: find a couple of frames with nice fat swarm cells, and leave most of the bees behind in the new hive. Honey frames, brood, pollen frame, and an open frame.