Friday, January 22, 2010

January 2010 - Planning

The Cordovan and Carniolan bees have survived the winter thus far. It has been a very cold and wet winter. In Dec 2009 we had 26 inches of snow and last night it sleeted. It's suppose to rain through the weekend.

I am surprised that the Cordovan have survived being that they came out of California. They are my favorite. When I take off the top cover they all point their little bottoms at me showing their swords (stingers). I get a laugh out of this that they love their little home so much they will die for it.

My dad has been talking about raising goats, geese, and cows. I would love to have a Highland cow of my own.

Things to do:

inventory wooden ware and get it cleaned up
order more bees
order some chicks
secure an area to keep chickens
hay bales for vegetable seedlings
burn off dead vegetation in garden to get ready for Spring
select vegetables to grow