Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This is one of the suspects. Looks like he is licking the honey off of his paws. I don't blame him one bit for loving the taste of honey.


Bear Came Back

I have put another super on my strong hive and the weak colony has been working away, not all the frames have been filled out because of the bear attack several weeks ago. Just when we thought it was fine, the bear came back early this morning. He reached over the fence and knocked the weak hive over and got zapped. Instead of running away from the house he ran towards the house. This is a rogue bear that has been terrorizing the neighborhood. He definitely isn't afraid of anyone. Because he ran towards the house the only thing we can surmise is that he was going to finish off the person that zapped him.
Good news is there was no damage done to hive and bees. The fence perimeter is being widened today to prevent any further mischief by the bear.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

30 May 2008, Friday

Fed the bees today because the weather has continued to be cool and rainy. Ratio is 1 to 1 sugar water and added 1 teaspoon of HoneyBHealthy. Temperature was mid 80s with thunderstorms expected on Saturday, the following day. Got to the hives around 6pm, a little late in the day, however, they advise to feed late in the day.

First hive is the stronger one, bees were somewhat aggressive...not too, probably because they were all in from the field and the colony is well populated. I didn't have time to pull frames to inspect because of the time. I didn't bring the smoker with me and the bees were a little too feisty for me to do a thorough inspection. With a quick peek, it looked like the frames were full and so I put on another super.

Second hive, not as strong because of circumstances with a hungry bear knocking it down and the package delivered with a couple hundred dead bees. Electric fence up for bear control and 2nd hive is managing as good as expected. Fed the hive and closed it up. No need to add another super right now.