Sunday, July 24, 2011

Candle Making!

I melted all this wax down to 6 ounces. It really makes me appreciate pure beeswax candles. Smells so good. You can smell the honey in the wax. Can you imagine living in a warm cozy home with golden wax all around you and the smell of honey in the air? I'd dance too like a little bee.

Melting Wax in Crock Pot

The solar wax melter was a little too slow for me and ants seemed to love the idea and were getting into my wax. I found this other method that works faster and cleaner.

I found a crock pot at the local store for $10. You could probably find one at a garage sale for cheaper. Fill the bottom with an inch of water and stuff all your wax in and set the crock pot on low. Depending on the size of the crockpot and amount of wax you put in it, it may take between 3 to 5 hours to melt.

After it melts, cool it as fast as you can so the wax cracks. Remove the clean hardened wax and pour out water and debris at the bottom.

Place the wax back in the crock pot and heat again on low without water. This will give you very clean wax.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Steps Involved in Solar Wax Melter

Purchased bucket at Lowes and sat inside the supers on a block to bring to the bucket closer to the top. You could purchase a smaller bucket but I couldn't find one and was in a hurry.

Cut the metal door screen. Be careful with the door screen. I poked myself a couple of times and it feels like a needle.

Placed the wax on top of the screen.

Peel the sticky plastic film on both sides of the Plexiglass. Then place on top. I did all of this in under 5 minutes. This is too easy. I will post photos of the wax after it melts.

DIY Solar Powered Wax Melter

1) bucket $4
2) METAL door mesh screen $8
3) Plexiglass (remember to peel off the film on both sides. $8

Assembled in under 5 minutes in a skirt. Too easy.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bears Like Honey Too!

Two years ago a couple of my hives were destroyed by bear. My dad put up a solar powered electric fence and it has kept the bears out of the far!

Our apiary is kept on my parent's place and my mom has photographed several bear around their property. She put together the photos with the music. They are beautiful and amazing to look at. Of course they love honey too, who wouldn't?