Tuesday, June 2, 2015

April 25th 2015 - Two Carnolians and Two Italians

Installed four packages.  Two hives at end toward bee shed are Carnolians and the other two are Italians.  Temperature was approximately 70 and nice evening.  Italians were not happy and appeared to be irritable.  All went well.

We closed up the entrances, installed Mann Lake Feeders modified feeders up top.  The plastic inserts were purchased at Mann Lake in PA and were installed in the Brushy Mountain wood bases.  This was purely for cost savings.  Last year we noticed there were a lot of drowned bees using the Brushy Mountain top feeders with wooden floats.  We decided to repurpose the Brushy Mountain feeders by installing the Mann Lake plastic with screen into the Brushy Mountain wood base.  Fewer drownings by far.  My dad stuck bits of cloth in the ends of the screen where the bees wanted to squeeze through, which reduced the drownings significantly.

After the initial inspections we were pleased with the modified feeders.  Significantly reduced drownings.