Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ethiopian Bees

Today, a couple from Ethiopia dropped in my husband's shop and brought in some business. After talking to them a while my husband found that the couple lived very near my parent's home. When Craig told them I keep bees at my parents near them the man became very excited. He said he saw a honey bee in his yard this past Summer and was very happy to see a bee as he hadn't seen any for a while. We think it was from the hives I keep. The man said in Ethiopia every family has a bee hive and that he is going to make a bee hive the way they do in Ethiopia, which is to weave it into a barrel and hang it from a tree. I am looking forward to visiting them and their bees in the near future.

The man told my husband that the drone is called a water bee in Ethopia because he brings water to the Queen. How poetic.